It is my pleasure to share Kerri Yarsley’s “The Instructional Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition” with our national radio audience.

Having four children all within a six year span, Kerri is superbly qualified to do a book about parenting.
She covers every aspect from birth to the teen years thoroughly and candidly in this highly readable, honest, charming, humorous and knowledgeable book.

“The Instruction Manual for Kids” is an excellent read and it will be a valuable resource for future reference. Chapters reflect various stages of a child’s development and common problems.

Kerri’s insight helped me understand my fear of water. While reading the book I realized how simple words spoken by my mother instilled a water phobia that still exists. She offers solid advice on how to present the outcome you desire, not the one you fear. In my case the emphasis was on drowning rather than the joys of being in the water.

From following your intuition to letting go, “The Instruction Manual for Kids” will help you raise independent and capable young adults.

Ric Bratton – “This Week in America” host