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That’s Rubbish – Everyone can do Something

But I’m just one person
Do you watch the news and think, “I’m just a small player in the whole scheme of things.”

When you see what’s happening around the world with climate change, and cities that are so blanketed in smog that they can’t see further than 50 metres around, and volcanoes erupting and exploding […]

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School Yard Preparation

You won’t be there all the time…
Sometimes I think parents are more frightened of their child starting school than the child!

Let’s face it, some parents have spent the previous four to five years hovering over their child in an effort to protect them from … well, just about everything.

The problem with that is your […]

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The Joy of Family Reunions at Christmas

Is it really Joyful?
How do your kids react when you tell them that the “Family” is coming for Christmas?
It seems to depend upon the age of your children.
If they are babies and toddlers, they’re really not too concerned one way or another. For them, the day is full of people, noise and food – […]

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Cooking with Oil

A few days ago I happened to see on TV the end of a piece on virgin olive oil which one of our major commercial television networks was airing. The presenter was a well-dressed lady and she praised the benefits of virgin olive oil and had a display of different bottles from what appeared […]

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3 Things Kids Need to Understand

I want THAT!
Do your kids keep saying this?
You know … when you’re out shopping for the essentials

(food, clothes, school things, etc.) …

and your child sees something in the shop windows or the aisles and they … just … can’t … live … without … it ?!

We’ve all been there.

This is where you need to […]

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