Cooking with Oil

A few days ago I happened to see on TV the end of a piece on virgin olive oil which one of our major commercial television networks was airing. The presenter was a well-dressed lady and she praised the benefits of virgin olive oil and had a display of different bottles from what appeared […]

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Exercise and Pregnancy

Good for YOU?
The simple answer is YES, it is and you can and should be doing it.
Even if you have been a little slack with exercising before, it’s OK to start now. You just have to go at a slower pace and be aware of the signs your body is giving back to you.

If […]

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Does my kid look fat? (Part 5)

Burn up some fuel
The final part in this series is going to focus on other ways to increase the energy you use up in a day in a safe and consistent way.

The second half of the Energy Balance equation discussed in the last part is where the overall Energy Output is greater than the […]

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Does my kid look fat? (Part 4)

Why are we getting fat?
I’m not going to be politically correct here and gloss over the most obvious reason why this is happening, instead I’m going to offer a solution you can try that doesn’t cost you anything – in fact, it will save you money.
As we know, there are some people who do […]

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Does my kid look fat? (Part 3)

Parents need to feed their kids properly
One of the most important jobs for a parent is to feed their child well.

But are you confused by all the advertising? We are persuaded to buy foods that are not really foods at all.

Don’t be conned; be smart and put a little bit of time into your […]

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