Deciding to have children

Exercise and Pregnancy

Good for YOU?
The simple answer is YES, it is and you can and should be doing it.
Even if you have been a little slack with exercising before, it’s OK to start now. You just have to go at a slower pace and be aware of the signs your body is giving back to you.

If […]

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Three Strikes and You’re OUT!

Remember the bat and ball games we used to play as kids?
Whether it was baseball or cricket, we would have the three strikes (or misses) and you walk off just to keep things fairer and moving along so everyone has a turn.

Well, the same rule applies for adults too, but in a slightly different […]

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It has no agenda except happy, healthy and calm children.

There are already a wide range of birth and Mummy blogs covering an even wider range of parenting styles, but this is the first book I have ever seen or read that covers how to raise a child from birth to adulthood in a sensible and stress-free manner.

It has no agenda except happy, healthy […]

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When you decide to have children…

So you’ve been married or living together for a while now – in fact, the years have just whizzed by – and the (biological) clock is ticking.

Tick tock. You raise the subject with your partner and wait for the answer with some trepidation. Tick tock. If the reaction is “No way!” you decide to leave it […]

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