There are already a wide range of birth and Mummy blogs covering an even wider range of parenting styles, but this is the first book I have ever seen or read that covers how to raise a child from birth to adulthood in a sensible and stress-free manner.

It has no agenda except happy, healthy and calm children. It covers all angles and relates small personal anecdotes to illustrate points. There is no mention of keeping up with the Joneses which is a distressing feature of the Mommy blogs; it is a complete, yet easy read, manual of simple advice – a true instruction manual.

The manual covers such topics as managing a toddler in full flight, getting enough sleep with a new baby, demonstrating how to get on with each other, contraceptive advice for teenagers, maintaining a sense of humour, and my favourite chapter, living simply with no dramas.

To have the chance to think about these topics as new parents approach a particular stage of their child’s development, means they are ready and confident in themselves and not simply reacting. Happy, healthy and calm children find their places in a society easily and comfortably, without creating a burden on our social services.

I would be quite confident to offer this book to new families in maternity wards and wish Kerri Yarsley success as a really useful speaker for parenting groups.


Dr Joseph Leer
Currumbin Medical Centre
Asst Professor Health Sciences & Medicine
Bond University