Is this right? Am I reading this right? What is this idiot saying?

We can’t beat up our kids! Sometimes we might be tempted a little, but it never happens!


Can you relate to any of these questions?

I’m sure you can. We all can, whether we want to admit it or not. Some of us even go so far as to physically act on it. Some of us don’t even know that we are emotionally beating up our kids – the bruises are hard to find. They tend to only show up in our kids’ personality traits and quirks a few years down the track.


Actually, I am talking about something completely different. I’m talking about doing something that actually helps parents bond with their kids and create an environment where they can go over things together from the same level. Yes. No one is the master; no one is the student. Each starts at the same level and has to learn at their own pace to achieve the same goals and ultimate outcomes.


It’s called Taekwondo. But it could be any martial art that allows adults and kids to train together in a controlled and friendly environment.

I discovered this by accident. My eldest daughter came home from school one day saying that her friend was doing Taekwondo at a local club, and could she try it? I thought, Why not? So I asked my other three kids if they wanted to come along. Well, of course they did! So they came along and had a couple of free lessons, which they really enjoyed. So they stayed.


Meanwhile, me, as the noble mother, dutifully went along and sat through each class twice a week, thinking “I can do this.” After a couple of months, I decided enough was enough, so I joined the kids and, as they say, the rest is history. Fourteen years later, I am still doing Taekwondo twice a week, I have a 3rd Dan Black Belt and three out of my four kids earned their First Dan Black Belt.

Let’s face it, where else can you learn self-control, self-defence, self-esteem, and even spar your kids – safely and legally!