I really cannot say enough good things about this book.

Parenting doesn’t come with an instruction manual. If it did it would probably have been written by some yuppie that’s just trying to make a book out of your frustrations. I am always leery about other peoples parenting advice, after all who knows better than we do when it comes to our […]

This book is different from the average book on raising kids

How much easier would parenting be if kids came with an instruction manual? Parents have been waiting for decades for the answers to the numerous challenges of parenthood.

Kerri Yarsley shares her personal stories of more than 25 years of parenting along with valuable tips on happiness and health in […]

The book covers all the major stages and issues

Finally, children come with an Instruction Manual.

When you’re a mum you build a bank of useful information. Don’t buy jumpsuits with pop studs; do not under any circumstance give the three-year-old red cordial; never wear white.

So it seems a shame to waste these vital parenting tips on your Facebook friends…why […]