An instruction manual for kids is here! Written by a parent for parents – you will find some treasures in here to keep and use every day.

The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition is a comprehensive, informative and entertaining parenting book that takes the reader on a journey from pre-pregnancy preparation all the way through to the late teenage years.

It covers the basics and beyond with interesting behavioural perspectives that you don’t ordinarily find in a parenting book.

Whether you have one child or several, from now on prepare to change your thoughts, words, and actions in a way that will offer a harmonious relationship and life with your children.

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As every parent knows, there are times when you just can’t stop worrying about your kids and you have a never-ending list of questions, but no answers:

  • Why is my baby crying?
  • Will they ever sleep through the night?
  • What will they grow up to be?
  • Can I trust my teenager to do the right thing?

The list goes on and on…

Surely many parents can remember (or are still experiencing) the gut-wrenching, energy-sapping feeling of waking up to a wailing baby after only 30 minutes of blissful I’m-dead-to-the-world-so-don’t-disturb-me-or-I’ll-turn-into-a-very-grumpy-monster sleep!

Or have you ever experienced the notorious shopping trip from HELL, where your toddler spits out a temper tantrum in front of the checkout or in an aisle packed with laden trolleys and impatient shoppers glaring at you with judgemental frowns… or worse?

All these things and more can be resolved, minimised, or avoided completely… you just need to be exposed to a few ‘tricks of the trade’.

All it takes is a willingness to change (you know you’re wanting to – it just makes sense) and a little bit of practice.

The choices each parent makes will ensure their kids can be happy, healthy, respectful and helpful on a daily basis, whether they are toddlers or teens. Some parents need more insight into empowering themselves so they can communicate most effectively with their kids, and understand how to be worry-free.

Have you ever bought a book, read it, and realised that it is a TRUE GEM and needs to be kept in easy reach? Well, this is one of those books to add to the shelf!

It helps you to feel a sense of security JUST KNOWING IT’S THERE!

This is not the sort of book to loan out, because you probably won’t get it back.

It is the sort of book that you’ll buy a few copies to have around – one for yourself, and others to share with family and friends.

This book is an investment in your future, your kid’s future, and even the future of the wider community.

Kerri Yarsley is so confident that after you have this treasure in your midst, and you start to read it, you will find some help straight away.

If, however, you’re not satisfied and you haven’t found anything to help you, just send the book back to receive a full refund. Kerri Yarsley is happy to offer you this guarantee because she truly believes YOU WILL find true value in the pages of this book!

If you want empowered parenting, what are you waiting for?

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