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Raising Confident Young Ladies

In the Beginning
Confident young ladies don’t usually start off that way. They need to be nurtured and guided to become confident and self-controlled.

As a parent, or carer, it’s important to maintain the mindset that […]

Three Strikes and You’re OUT!

Remember the bat and ball games we used to play as kids?
Whether it was baseball or cricket, we would have the three strikes (or misses) and you walk off just to keep things fairer […]

Does my kid look fat? (Part 5)

Burn up some fuel
The final part in this series is going to focus on other ways to increase the energy you use up in a day in a safe and consistent way.

The second half […]

Does my kid look fat? (Part 4)

Why are we getting fat?
I’m not going to be politically correct here and gloss over the most obvious reason why this is happening, instead I’m going to offer a solution you can try that […]

Does my kid look fat? (Part 3)

Parents need to feed their kids properly
One of the most important jobs for a parent is to feed their child well.

But are you confused by all the advertising? We are persuaded to buy foods […]