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Does my kid look fat? (Part 3)

Parents need to feed their kids properly
One of the most important jobs for a parent is to feed their child well.

But are you confused by all the advertising? We are persuaded to buy foods […]

Does my kid look fat? (Part 2)

So what is overweight or obese?
A person is classified as Overweight if they have a Body Mass Index (BMI) equal to or greater than 25. A classification of Obese occurs from a BMI of […]

Does My Kid Look Fat?

The trend of childhood obesity
Years ago when I was a teen, our family used to listen to Bill Cosby’s stories (back when he was supposed to be a “good guy”) and one of my […]

Working Mums

I feel guilty
We all know that feeling – torn between doing something that you think is right and doing what you want to do.

But really, they don’t have to be at odds at all. […]

When the Second Child Comes Along

Many parents give themselves grief and anxiety over the thought that their first born will not like or approve of this stranger coming into their home and taking away mum and dad’s attention from […]