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When you decide to have children…

So you’ve been married or living together for a while now – in fact, the years have just whizzed by – and the (biological) clock is ticking.

Tick tock. You raise the subject with your partner and wait for the answer with some trepidation. Tick tock. If the reaction is “No way!” you decide to leave it […]

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Think Smart: First-Time Parents

As a new parent – either mother or father – you begin to realise you have very little idea about the very basics of raising your baby.
There are so many things to learn, to know, and to do.

It can be completely overwhelming if you let it get to you. You place a whole lot […]

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“The Instruction Manual for Kids” – Why I wrote it and how it’s different

How can I settle my baby down for the night? Why does my toddler have a tantrum when we go shopping? How do I clean my kid’s teeth properly? Why does my child scream instead of using words?

These are just a sample of some of the myriad questions that parents have been asking over […]

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Your Child’s Immune System

Nutrition and diet are the most important components to having a strong and healthy immune system.
This being said, diet isn’t the only factor that influences the strength of your child’s immune system.

When your children are young, they don’t understand the concept of infection, disease or what an immune system is – in fact, some […]

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Reading and the Benefits!

Reading. We all do it.
Today with all the video games and internet sites though, this generation of children and teenagers have many more pass-times that they would rather partake in.
Reading doesn’t only boost your children’s confidence in their ability to read aloud in school, it doesn’t just improve their speed – it provides so […]

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