Kerri Yarsley

Kerri Yarsley was born in Melbourne, Australia back in the late 1950’s and now resides in Queensland, Australia with her husband Frank. Kerri and Frank wanted four children – preferably boy, girl, boy, girl – born close together so they would grow up sharing many of life’s experiences. Their wish was fulfilled with Sean, Amanda, Iain and Ella all born roughly two years apart.

Living with four incredibly different and wonderful kids under six years of age and raising them into independent and capable young adults has given Kerri a unique insight into the challenges and joys of balancing parenthood with the pursuit of one’s personal ambitions.

With each other’s support, and the help of the odd nanny or three, childcare centres, kindergartens, schools, and external cultural, sporting or martial arts schools, Kerri and Frank have pursued their various goals and ambitions, while maintaining and passing on their underlying philosophy of continuing to educate oneself throughout life.

Kerri grew up among an evolving multicultural society with her own mother being Thai born to Australian-Thai parents. The diverse mix of cultures in which she grew up helped to mould her views of fairness and equality for all.

From a generally happy childhood with the same dreams and self-confidence issues that most girls face, Kerri developed a feeling that life would be good – a sentiment she has maintained into adulthood despite challenges, including the death of a beloved cousin when he was only 18 years of age.

Kerri has a diverse range of interests and has achieved university qualifications in Biochemistry and Microbiology (BSc), Education (Dip Ed) and Computers (Grad Dip Comp Sc), while also maintaining an active interest in fitness and martial arts, achieving a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Fitness Leader’s qualifications. Prior to starting her family, Kerri worked as a Computer Systems Programmer for several years.

For the past 20 years, Kerri has worked as a contract Technical Writer, so her personal child-rearing journey, along with her unique range of interests and experience, allows her to approach child-raising issues from a range of perspectives and to break down complex issues into a simple, light-hearted and informative guide for parents.