The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition

The practical and fun-to-read guide every parent should have!


Chapter 9How confident are you as a parent? What sort of parent would you like to be?

Are you completely happy with the way you interact with your kids? Or are there times when you wish you had a few more tricks up your sleeve?

This parenting book can empower you, whether a prospective, new or seasoned parent, by helping to give you the confidence you need to perform one of society’s most vital roles. You can gain some fundamental and simple skills that will make a positive difference to your family’s interactions. Your relationship with your kids can be changed for the better – not just for the day, but for as long as you are willing to apply the principles. Remember the old saying, “Practise makes perfect.” Well, practise makes your reactions more automatic, but only perfect practise makes perfect automatic reactions!
You will  trust in your intuition and ability to find a strategy and make choices that work best for your family.

Chapter1This book might not solve every problem you face during your parenting time frame, and it does not intend to over-shadow the advice and opinions of child-care or health-care professionals. But it is designed to be used as a “First Aid” for parenting; a resource to help you find some answers and peace of mind.

Filled with useful tips and light-hearted personal experiences of the joys and challenges of raising children into confident young adults, The Instruction Manual for Kids aims to make life just that little bit easier for both you and your kids.